5 New Releases For You!

Today has been the day you all have waited for, we are bringing you

5 new releases!

 Bobby Danger & ErdingtonSound’s AndrewPurcellMusic

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Ashton Blake Joins Independent Ear

Ladies & Gentlemen we are kicking off this week with this special announcement that has been weeks in the making… We are proud to welcome indie blues-rock singer-songwriter Ashton Blake to the Independent Ear Family!



Ashton Blake started his musical journey at 10 years old. He formed his first band at 15 that also cut his first CD. At age 16 he was jamming with Louisville legends Rodney Roads (bassist for purple jesus, the hookers, and brothers of conquest) and J.Glenn (original drummer to my morning jacket). Ashton Blake later went on to be spot lighted on ”music central Tv” in front of country pop band ”Sugar Land”. Ashton Blake then left home to join a band out of Michigan called ”Scrapyard” and go on to do an east coast tour at age 19.

Ashton Blake’s music has been heard around the world in place’s like London,Berlin,Japan, and Australia. Ashton Blake finally decided to go solo for good at age 21. After putting so much effort into bands that didn’t want to work as hard as he did. That is when long time musician friend Bobby Danger introduced him to Phillip (CEO) of Independent Ear record label. Now Ashton Blake and his team are working hard to bring you the best musical experience. At this point in Ashton Blake’s career sky’s the limit.


We are excited to be welcoming Ashton to the family, his special blend of soulful blues-rock will make a great addition to our incredibly talented roster. We are prepping for the official release of his new EP “Bad Magick” that will be out late October/ early November 2014 on Independent Ear Records with some regional touring beginning into November. We want to thank our friend Bobby Danger for introducing us to Ashton!

Be on the lookout for the official realese for the new EP & show dates on their way to you soon! Make sure to stop by Ashton’s Facebook & Twitter to welcome him to the family!

New Official Releases

This coming Tuesday brings us 5 new official releases!  We are proud to be sharing these with you..

“3D” by Bobby Danger

“Drink” by andrewpurcellmusic
“Songs From The Back Room” by andrewpurcellmusic
“Songs From Inside The Car” by andrewpurcellmusic
“Tea Bags and Toilet Rolls” by andrewpurcellmusic

What makes all these releases even more special is that they are all international!  Bobby Danger hails from Australia while andrewpurcellmusic hails from the UK.

We have a surprise in order for Bobby’s release so make sure to stay tuned and see for yourself!

Regarding the reissues from andrewpurcellmusic & Erdingtonsound most of these recordings are from the 70’s & 80’s re – recorded over the last few years with some new material thrown in as well.

We’ve been enjoying these records here in the Independent Ear office/studio & can’t wait to share all 5 of them with you!

“Subway Blues” the single from loft51

Today around the world drops the latest single “Subway Blues ” from UK trio loft51!


These guys have been writing & creating music since the 70’s. Their special blend of euro pop & rock with just a hint of new wave will keep you wanting more.

“Subway Blues ” is available on all digital music marketplaces NOW!
Google Play, Amazon, Spotify & iTunes!

Also to let you know we will be reissuing 4 albums next week from fellow Erdingtonsound collective member Andrew Purcell!  This is an exciting international partnership that has formed between Independent Ear & Erdingtonsound. .. Stay Tuned!

“Heroin For My Heart” Official Release

This has been a stellar week so far & what better a way to start a day off than with a new single for all of you!

We are proud to share with you the debut single “Heroin For My Heart” from  In All Honesty

This is the first single off their upcoming LP titled “Of Heroin And Harlequins” that is due out in Mid-Late October! In All Honesty has spent all summer in the studio crafting this masterpiece of an album & we couldn’t be any more excited to be sharing this with you today! Be sure to keep an eye out for the LP release date coming soon!

This single is available for download on all major digital music marketplaces such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon & Bandcamp!! Also make sure to check it out on YouTube, iHeart Radio, Spotify & more!!

“The Hallway Sessions” Official Release

Today we are proud to present the long-awaited début LP “The Hallway Sessions” from Indie, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter

Keri Lancaster 

This is the long-awaited début LP from acoustic, indie, pop, singer-songwriter Keri Lancaster. This album was recorded inside her home in Fort Campbell, KY in early July of 2014. This was recorded by Founder of Independent Ear Phillip Ryan Block as well as label artist & producer Clifton Derrell.

This was an incredible project from beginning to end & even though it was recorded in the hallway of her Kentucky home it brings a tells a big, heartwarming story of Love, Heartbreak & Life itself.

This album is will be available digitally through all major marketplaces & coming soon on CD! Make sure to stop by Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp & more to get your copy of this highly anticipated album today!

Two Release Tuesday

Another pair of releases officially heading your way today, been really excited to share these with you & now here they are… Ladies & Gentlemen.. Enjoy!


First up we have the highly acclaimed & long awaited debut LP from Swedish, Glam Metal/ Sleaze rockers Glitzy Glow

This album was recently given a glowing review from MadCapMusicReview here is an excerpt from that review

“……. Glitzy Glow has put out an album of extraordinary measure: full of pop hooks, flippant sentiment, well-constructed metallic badassery, and slick sounding choruses. There is nothing stale or dated about this album. It’s a true testament to what happens when a band can find the right balance between sound and style, and it should only be a matter of time before their Swedish glow is radiating over American airwaves.” – MadCapMusicReview

Amazing album now available on all digital music marketplaces & coming very soon on physical Limited Edition CD!

Next up on this Two Release Tuesday is none other the the historical “Live At Toad Hall” EP from the Folk, Rock, Singer-Songwriter legend himself Danny Fox

This album was a historical one from the first lyric to the last note.. In the over 40 year history of Toad Hall books & records in Rockford, IL never before has there been an album recorded inside their store. This 3 level store takes you back in time unlike few things can nowadays from the what I can only guess is nearly 1 million vinyl records & probably over 200,000 books… it is a piece of history.

On the Saturday afternoon before Father’s Day during the summer of 2014.. Danny Fox & Ryan Block had originally set out to make a music video but instead decided to up the anty & record a live album.

This album is the epitome of what a live album should be… it not only features 6 beautiful songs & stories, but also humorous & insightful banter from the long time friends & business colleagues.

“In post production I highly contemplated removing all of the banter between Danny & myself leaving solely the beauty of his music but after doing so & then reviewing the songs again we felt that it would of lost the special touch that the rawness of the album in its original form had… truly live & mostly uncut” -Ryan Block of Independent Ear

This album is an exclusive release available only digitally & physically via our Bandcamp as well as through Toad Hall itself.. Order Online or pick up in the store!!