Danny Fox | Live At Toad Hall EP

A few weeks ago we spent time with Danny Fox inside Toad Hall books & records, while we were there we recorded a live 6 track EP.


This incredible experience captured a moment of history for Toad Hall, this is the first ever live audio recording done inside the now 40 year history of the store.


This EP will soon be available via digital download & physical digipak CD. Stay tuned for the official release information coming soon!

In the meantime make sure to check out Danny Fox & Toad Hall on Facebook.

Love Party Joins Independent Ear

We are so proud to announce the latest addition to the Independent Ear family!!

Welcome …. LOVE PARTY! 

Love Party


Love Party is an Indie Experimental Pop band formed by instrumentalists Zac Emry, Riley Young, Travis Lang, and vocalist Nate Steder.

The group formed in 2013 when Zac, Riley, and Travis met in their High-School’s band class. They all played the tuba, so forming a band was the obvious thing to do. No one would have bought music that had only tubas in it, so Zac chose the guitar, Riley was the only one who could play the drums at the time, and Travis had played the bass guitar for years before the groups collaboration.

Love Party was a four-piece group for a short while with an other member, but because of creative differences, they had to part ways. They then were a three-piece band, and it felt empty.

It was not long until a random day when Zac, Riley, and Travis were in choir class and had heard the silky smooth voice of Nate Steder. They were all in shock that a throat could make such beautiful sounds. In a scene much like a proposal, Nate was asked to join the band, be their lead singer, and their front man.

After a year of good times and a regular rotation of local area shows, the two older members, Zac and Nate, went off to a community college in a near-by town. Zac had always wanted to be in the music industry ever since he could remember and pursued a major in music business. Because of this, Zac was offered an internship at Independent Ear in Rockford, Illinois.

During a day at work, Zac did a, “oh, by the way, I’m in a band” move on his boss and gave him a CD of The “Love Party”’s work. He was impressed, but mostly intrigued. He wanted to know where the band could go, and he wanted to see to it that he would take them there.

We will be releasing a 2-track single featuring the fan favorites “Honey Jelly” & “Scooter’s Song” everywhere digitally July 29th!


They continue to make music every day knowing the love party must go on!

Love Party is currently writing & will be hitting the studio to record a new single & a brand new debut LP that is due out in Fall of 2014. Their eclectic sound & high energy live performances have been winning over fans left & right… definitely a band to watch in 2014 & beyond.

Make sure to check them out & join the “Love Party” on Facebook & Twitter!

Jenn Cristy Band | LIVE


Tomorrow night July 9th 2014 the one & only Jenn Cristy Band is performing their high energy set LIVE at Klipsch Music Center in Indianapolis, IN!

Their set begins at 6 pm ET at the Plaza Stage, they kick off this night of amazing live music!

Glitzy Glow – “Strike The Right Note” OUT TODAY

Glitzy Glow, a four-piece Glam Metal band from Sweden, made their presence known to the Heavy Metal world in 2011 when the song, “Black and Sunny Day” was featured on the X-Box 360 game Rock Band 3. Now, they have upped their game and are releasing their debut full-length (expected by early Fall 2014). The female-fronted, genre-efficient homage to Glam Metal will release the album via Independent Ear, Inc., a worldwide independent record label that is becoming known for signing a wide variety of quality artists.


Glitzy Glow will initially release the single, “Strike The Right Note” as a music video which will be available on all major digital music sources (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp, et. al.) TODAY Tuesday, July 1, 2014. Independent Ear’s CEO and Founder, Phillip Ryan Block, is excited about the upcoming release and said, “I expect for this single and album to solidify Glitzy Glow as a timeless band. Whether it’s 1984 or 2014 this Glam Metal still rocks hard. I am looking forward to Glitzy Glow taking the world by storm and I feel that this album will create a permanent place for them in the metal world.” This is something within reach for this band. Glitzy Glow vocalist, Julia’s, deep and penetrating low-register vocals have become a (welcome) staple for their listeners, not to mention efficient guitar work — and eye shadow, lots of eye shadow. However, their look and sound is a calculated accurate nod to Glam Metal days gone by yet, they are technically savvy enough to have propelled the genre into the new age of Glam Metal. One listen is all it takes. Independent Ear, Inc., the band, and the Glam Metal world expect that the single, video and full-length releases will fare well with their Rock Band 3 fans even though they aren’t playing games anymore.

Glitzy Glow changed the game from featured X-Box game track to a full-length creative and legitimate force deserving of all the attention that this album will, no doubt, bring them. It takes hard work to glow so bright. Glitzy Glow has done the work!

Glitzy Glow New Single & Music Video

One week from today we will be debuting the brand new single & music video from Swedish Glam – Metal Rockers Glitzy Glow. The new single is from their forthcoming debut full length album that will be coming out in August.


Be sure to check out “Strike The Right Note ” in all your favorite digital music sources such As iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp…next Tuesday, July 1st 2014.

A Message From Danny Fox


​Hello, folks! It’s about time I got back into the studio, eh? I’ve a pretty solid set of material that I know you’re all going to enjoy. All written and ready-to-record, the only thing I need is to, well, record it! With your help, this can all be done and will ultimately help my dreams come true.

Your donations will go towards a few things. First off, will be the actual recording of this album. I will be visiting NSAudioworks out of Elgin, Illinois for their superior works. My first album, “Youth Is Wasted On The Young,” was a brilliant expose of electric talent. My second album was more in the folk vein, strictly acoustic. This next album is going to combine the two for a truly unique new sound that I have been cooking up. We’ll be featuring harmonica, guitars, piano, cello, violins, horns, etc.! Going to be a musical library of wonderful sound. Secondly, my team and I want to promote this product to its full potential; that means marketing and shooting a music video for you all! Finally, your donations will help me secure a tour somewhere across the globe to get my music more mainstream. Target? Denmark for now. Who knows where my lilting troubadour ensemble will take me? The sky’s the limit.

I want to thank you all in advance and, as a special incentive, your donations can help you score some groovy gear as well! You could win free concert tickets, buttons, a free CD once it’s complete, or even have a chance to sit in on a recording session!

From my heart to yours, thank you. This is going to be one special album that we can present to the music industry and bring it back to the glorious avenue it once thrived as!

Let’s pull together & make this album a reality! Go to Danny’s Page on GoFundMe.com

Keri Lancaster | New Album

This Friday we begin recording on the new album from Keri Lancaster, this has been a highly anticipated album to follow up to the LoveBirds single that was released in May 2012.

We will be recording this album in her home in Fort Campbell, KY  accompanying our CEO & Independent Ear Studios Head Audio Engineer will be none other than Producer & Emcee extraordinaire Clifton Derrell.

This album should be out in mid to late August & we hope you all are looking forward to is as much as we are.