The Obelisk | “Subterfuge” Release Date



The single you’ve been waiting for is coming your way on December 9th, The brand new single “Subterfuge” from Chicago-based Progressive Death Metal band The Obelisk.

This single is a taste of whats in-store for the début full length album that will be released early next year! If you want a taste of what you’re in store for watch this…

“Subterfuge” will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify & other major digital music marketplaces!

Independent Ear Welcomes L.A. Knights


Today is a historic day for The Independent Ear Family & ALL MEMBERS OF THE REALM!

Here is a special message from the latest addition to the Independent Ear Family, the bad boys of rock the L.A. Knights!

When we  kicked this off nearly four years ago, it was for a one time gig opening for Hollywood legends Bang Tango! We didn’t really even have a name for two months! Now as we approach our first show ever with the 4.0 Version of the lineup, featuring David Fanz on Vocal, Troy Poder on Bass, Michael “Damage” Gallagher on drums, and Mike Baltrinic and Jozey on guitars, we realize what a crazy ride it has been. We have been lucky enough to sell almost 1000 cds between our releases, we have played with Cinderella, Jackyl, Great White, Faster Pussycat, Bullet Boys, Freddie Salem, Gilby Clarke of Guns N Roses, L.A. Guns and Tracii Guns as well as the band Tuff. Do you know these bands have sold over 30 million albums among them? More if you count the CD’s Gilby sold with GNR! Not too shabby!

With the indie success of Rubber City Meltdown and the success of our out-of-town and opening gigs, we caught the eye of several record labels on the Indie scene. Not all were up our alley & one even asked Jozey, What Do You Need Me For Then?? To which Jozey calmly said, you’re Right Bro, What DO We Need You For?!? and hung up quickly! For those who aren’t aware, most indie deals are not what you consider a record deal to be. We don’t get a limo, we don’t get free studio time and we don’t get a signing bonus, hell we don’t even get a big time tour with a bus (YET) Although we do expect some Champagne, Ryan! We still have expenses the band absorbs to be INDEPENDENT and record the disk we want based on our vision! A vision created on acoustic guitar by the songwriting team of Fanz & Zeitler and brought to fruition with Baltrinic, Poder, Jaeger and now Mr. Damage! We are well aware of the limitations of being an indie band working with an indie label. And we embrace that fact!

WHAT WE DO GET? A man who came to us with a belief in our band, not only as songwriters, as musicians?but as rock stars with over the top personalities & marketability. Ryan Block From Independent Ear, Inc. started the conversation with Jozey and reiterated it through one with Fanz, YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL. You live this lifestyle that you sing about, you live your lyrics, your solos, your drum beats, your hooks. You are rock and roll! His support and enthusiasm proved to us that we want to trust this man with the marketing and promotions of not only the second CD, PSYCHOANALYZE, with the re-issue of Rubber City Meltdown, but for our brand & for our future endeavors. This is a distribution deal. We know the difference, always have. It’s what we wanted, so we can control everything from the title, to the single, to the artwork, to the fact that we chose Akron’s Custom Audio Mutation Studios to record with Curran Murphy. We want to compete say over our BRAND and our Band! And Independent Ear wants us to have that control! They want our vision to come to life, so they can market the f*ck out of it! We all get what we want, especially if we can sell about 10K cds! So buy some!

WHAT DO YOU GET? You will get a follow-up album to Rubber City Meltdown that will blow your roofs off. You will get us coming to bigger towns and out-of-state towns and maybe even a European town or ten.(We think big in this band & especially when pouring Knight-inis or looking at boobs!) You can expect more interviews, reviews and videos than before. More shows, more fan interaction, more merchandise, sponsors, endorsements and probably more shit talking by the people that don’t like others to have success!  We just want to rock more..drink more and well, do more of everything!

WHAT TO EXPECT? Here is a list of what to expect from us in 2014 and 2015:

1. Saturday at 6:00pm at Rippers Rock House, we are signing our contract. Ryan is coming in for the signing on Saturday in person & You are all welcome to come down and try some killer wings, ask questions during the John “MotherTruckin” Lane emceed event and then stick around to celebrate with a show featuring us and the Godz, which we are filming for the DVD.

2. A re-issue of Rubber City Meltdown on November 15th through Independent Ear.

3. A launching of a new website for Independent Ear on December 1st, 2014

4. A launching of two new websites by the band, and on December 15th 2014.

5. We are recording a live DVD Saturday November 14th at the Eric Moore and the Godz Benefit at Ripper Owens Rock House. This DVD will be available in January 2015.

6. In late January we will enter Custom Audio Mutations Studios in Akron, Ohio with Curran Murphy behind the board to record our second cd, PSYCHOANALYZE.

7. In January tour dates will start to unfold, and festivals around the country are going to be included.

8. In April of 2015, PSYCHOANALYZE is planned to be released.

WHAT DO WE NEED FROM YOU?  Your continued support, Love and dedication to the Realm! Join the Akron Street Team for Independent Ear first things first  Help L.A. Knights by joining our street team as well. (Details to be announced Monday, November 17th, 2014!) We want 10k likes on Facebook & 10k followers on Twitter and we want each of those to buy one cd! Jozey is putting the street team together and has a plan for anyone who joins. Contact him and find out exactly how you can help! Also, we have a account if anyone wants to help donate to offset the costs of producing our cd and going on tour. The band and the label will work together to see that it happens, but if you want to help we will be offering rewards for those who donate to the Fund such as signed guitars, tee shirts, cd packages and more! Details will be announced on Monday November 17th via a YouTube commercial! Watch out Troy! Also, buy us shots when you see us play? We love Jaeger, Fireball and Jack!

Thanks for reading this and caring about our band! We truly are humbled by the fact that so many people around the world have shown an interest in our songs! We promise to make good on your trust in us! We also want to take a special moment and thank Ryan Block and his team at Independent Ear, Inc. They have been easy to work with, followed through on everything and have known the answers to our questions before they were asked! That’s something that helped us feel comfortable with this deal.


Release Date Announcements

We have 2 big releases heading your way over the next few weeks!!

First up we have “Of Heroin and Harlequins ” from In All Honesty


This amazing LP will be officially released on November 15th, 2014. It will be available on every major digital retailer as well as Physical CD.

The next release is the first single off the upcoming LP “The Day Job” from Clifton Derrell


“Come Up Track” will be on November 18th & will be the first of 3 singles that will released all leading up to the debut of “The Day Job ” in January of 2015!

This single will be available on all major digital music marketplaces! We currently have a Limited number of early release download cards available for this single, email us

We also have a big release announcement  coming your way on the same day that we will be announcing the final band to join our family in 2014!! That date is November 13th!

Ashton Blake “Bad Magick ” Official Release Date



We are proud to announce that on December 2nd, 2014 we will officially be releasing “Bad Magick “ the debut EP from Indie, Blues, FolkRock Singer-Songwriter Ashton Blake.

This is has been a highly anticipated album from Kentucky based Ashton Blake & coming off from selling out of all pre-orders, we are certain that these won’t stay on the shelves for too long either.

This EP will be available via all major digital music marketplaces & Digipak CD!

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered this EP, you all rock!!

NEW Independent Ear Street Team


We are proud to announce our new street team plan!!

Starting next week we want YOU to start an Independent Ear Street Team in your city & with this is also the beginning of the new challenge for each team!

When you start a team in your area email us at & let us know it has begun make sure to include your area code or city in the email.

Each street team will be responsible for spreading the word about all things Independent Ear in their area including any and all shows, new releases, etc.

Starting in January we will initiate our street team fundraising campaign with the winning team getting the GRAND PRIZE of an Independent Ear FESTIVAL to be held in your hometown!

Get your team started & we look forward to working with all of you! More details & info coming soon!

Jerry Dale Harris | IndieGoGo

Today we are proud to announce the new IndieGoGo campaign we have put together for the one & only Jerry Dale Harris. This project was set up to help raise funds to record his next studio album with his friend & acclaimed producer & musician Alex Kane (Richie Ramone, Anti-Product, Life Sex & Death) 


We are looking forward to this project & we want you to be a part of it! Thank you in advance for all your love & support!

For all the information on this campaign check out the full link here!

Ashton Blake “Bad Magick” Official Pre-Order

Pre-order your Limited Edition Ashton Blake “Bad Magick” CD & T-Shirt Today!! We have only 75 pre-order packages available! Get yours ordered today!


Two ways you can place your pre-order, One is through this form & the other is through the bandcamp page listed above!

photo credit Jocelyn Duke

photo credit Jocelyn Duke

We can’t wait to bring you this release & many more throughout the rest of 2014.

We also have a super secret announcement coming your way Monday, so stay tuned for that!